Visualizing Movie Data | VMD_07 | Movies by words

All films that we have seen in 2015 (and earlier) make use of a film script. What are the most often used words in this scenario? To find out, I need to look for movie scripts. I found them in the ‘IMSDb’ (Internet Movie Script Database). The first script that I found was the script of ‘Tamara Drewe’. Certainly not the best movie we’ve seen but that doesn’t matter much in this case. I loaded the script into TextEdit. Then I imported the complete script of ‘Tamara Drew’ into Processing. In Processing I used Ben Fry’s Treemap Library. In this version I have everything inverted. And I have added a sixth layout algorithm: PivotBySize. The words ‘the, a, is, you, to, tamara, nicholas, beth, and, in, i’ appear to be most often into this script.

Here I used the script of ‘The Master’. The starting point is now to use a gradient in the background. I do that by placing horizontal lines. This is a less advanced version. In this script are ‘the, freddie, to, you, and, a, master’ the most frequent words.

In this version, I’ve refined the gradient. I also changed the font to Avenir Light. And I turned off the frames. In this script of ‘Interstellar’ are ‘the, cooper, a, to, or, and, it, is, in’ the most common words.

This variation is only a variation in the code. I have programmed a few things slightly more functional. Used the script of the film ‘Blow’. The words ‘the, and, a, you, george, to, is, i, of, are most frequently used in the script.

I started again with studying the Treemap library. I have added two new classes. The BinaryTreeLayout and PivotByMiddle class. And I used a less harsh color scheme. I used the script from the film ‘Foxcatcher’. The most frequent used words are ‘the, to, mark, du pont, a, of, dave’.

A very colorful variation. The largest number that can be formed by w (width) in this version is 190 (pixels). All numbers that are higher do not have any influence on w for w can never be higher. Suppose I want to use six colors than that would be 190 divided by 6 colors (rounded up) is 32. So I can choose 6 shades of color in HSB color mode every 32 colors. As a script I used ‘Fargo’ here. The most frequent words are ‘the, a, and, to, margin, or, you, his’.

There are no scripts available anymore from movies that we have seen in 2015. So I have to search for an alternative. Films that we have seen but not in 2015. Also the range of colors has to be more advanced. If I want to use the entire 360 HSB range than I have 203 pixels for w (width) available. I have to divide 203 by 12 in this release. That’s 16. In the end this calculation doesn’t work. So I made increments of 40 in the HSB color mode. The script is from ‘12 Years a Slave’. Most common words are ‘the, a, to, and, solomon, or, is, in’

In this final version I have used a better color scheme. I also used the script of ‘Inglourius Basterds’. Most common words are ‘the, a, to, and, in, or, you, i, his’.


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