Generative Design Variations M.2.6 A drawing tool

In this example I will use a drawing tool. The Generative Design book gives the following description: ‘The aforementioned method of connecting points is not limited to Lissajous figures but can be applied to any set of points, regardless of how they were generated. It therefore makes sense to create a small drawing tool to connect points drawn with the mouse in this manner. Although this drawing tool no longer has anything to do with oscillation figures, the example demonstrates how easily a method used in one context can be translated into another to expand its design repertoire in a novel way. Two versions of this drawing tool are available: one for mouse operation and the other for a pen tablet. With the tablet version, the pressure with which a point is drawn determines how this point is connected to the other points, allowing for far more differentiated shading.’ I used  the pen tablet tool. I always work with a pen and tablet because I think it works better than a block of soap (mouse). Here you can find the program with which I worked with.

Now this is a bit different example than the earlier examples I worked on. I changed some of the global variable names and a few names within the program so that I could better understand how the program worked. But because this is a tool I think it would be a good idea to use it as a tool. And instead of concentrating on changing the program I concentrate on working with the tool. But when I reset the program I get an: Mar 01, 2015 12:29:08 PM controlP5.ControlBroadcaster printMethodError SEVERE: An error occurred while forwarding a Controller event, please check your code at reset java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException in the message window. Beside this message the program keeps still running. So I don’t mind.

Back to the drawing tool. What do I draw? I could trace images which you can import in the program. But I think I try something else. How about just drawing lines? And that is how I started and ended. I made 38 drawings with lines. And because I did not change any essential code there is also no need to check any. You can find the drawings in the GDV_M_2_6 album on my Flickr page.


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