Generative Design Variations M.2.4 Three-dimensional Lissajous figures

Here is the description of the Generative Design book: ‘An obvious step is to extend these representation into the third dimension. This requires only the addition of a sine wave to control the movement of the points on the z-axis. Many new possibilities arise through the addition of this new axis. The following is an inspiring example in which triangular planes span between the coördinate origin and the Lissajous path. The two outer corner points lie on the Lissajous path: the triangle’s third point is the origin. The plane does not span between all points but rather only between every third point and its second neighbor to the right. In order to access the points more easily, it is advisable to calculate them first and save them in an array.’ This is the program I started to worked with:

I also made a album on Flickr. Here you can find most of the images I made during this assignment. And on the loftmatic page you can find all code I used to make the images. When you click on the previews you get the Processing code I used. The programs do not work in JavaScript.

I renamed the global and local variable names which I could not fully understand. I changed them to names which explain more about what the variable does. I also adjusted some of the word spaces in the code for better readability. Changed the color mode from RGB to HSB. And because this is a 3D sketch I imported the light settings which I created in M_1_6. I also filled the gaps between the planes of the objects. Maybe they come back in a later stage.

Re-introduced the gaps in the objects again but I think it makes the object less clear. I have replaced the magenta light for a blue one.

Experimenting with looking to shapes under different angles. Ooh… I see that TileSaver has made a few mistakes. It saves a file in four parts. And then it positions them in a random order (I think). So it sometimes looks like we have three objects instead of one. But I think that is fine (for now).

But at this time I think it is strange that TileSaver does chop up the images. When you run the program for the first time it does not do that. TileSaver says: 025.00% completed. 1/4 images saved.050.00% completed. 2/4 images saved. 075.00% completed. 3/4 images saved. 100.00% completed. 4/4 images saved. Save: 1_4_2_0_0_1600x1600.png Done tiling.. Ok. Looks good. Now I hit the 2 key. Has this something to do with the function keys? Weird. In fact I can paste the image in the right order together in Photoshop. But that is going to take time. I’ve put ImageSize on 3 but it keeps on tiling and delivering me a complete image in a wrong order. Ok. Than I have to live with that and repair it later in Photoshop.

I think I need a zoom function. Sometimes I would like to get up closer to the object. And other times it better to see it a bit further away. Used the + (plus) and – (minus) keys for that. I tried a few versions with outlines but that did not work. The images are not getting any better. And lines do not accept the color of the lights. Lines ignore lights.

I have noticed that TileSaver is working only properly when you run it once. And than you need to re-run the program. Otherwise it saves the tiles in a wrong order.

Continued with the search for new objects and interesting combinations.

I replaced the TRIANGLE_FAN with TRIANGLES on line 141. That gives a surprisingly smooth object and a totally different expression to the objects.

Added a transparency of 50. But it also gave me a bunch of artifacts which I did not find very attractive. So I lowered the transparency to 10. Which was not a good idea at all. So I set it back to 100. Continuing with looking for interesting shapes.

I have decreased the PointCount from 2000 to 10. That gives very triangular objects. Which are (by the way) not very interesting. Used PointCount 20. Still not very interesting. I try 40. Even 80 is not interesting. What about 8000?


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