GDV P.2.2.3 Shapes from agents

Starting point of Generative Design’s original sketch: The calculation of the points on the circle produces the starting positions of the agents. A flexible curve firmly connects each agent with both its neighbors. The farther away the dumb agents move from their original positions, the more the circular organization dissolves. That is how it is described into the Generative Design book. And here are the 3 original programs.

The variations I have made from ‘Shapes from agents’ is a bit of a different story. Because the program gives you the possibility to draw your own shapes you have to do more than just looking at images I have made. In fact you could make your own images using the original code or my slightly adapted original code. This means that on my website you might see previews of the programs which will not represent the images you would get when you work with the program itself. Sounds complicated (and it is). But in essence it comes down to this: anyone who uses the original or adapted program will always get different versions of images than I have made. I even don’t know if I could re-create my own images because I did not save the code. That was a stupid thing to do but that is the case. Knowing that I also made a lot more images as I needed to make previews. To give you an impression of what I did here are all the images of this session.

To continue with the sketches FormResolution is the amount of points in the basic shape. By reducing formResolution to 3 you get a triangle (with rounded corners). Oh, I got puzzled by a variable that is called distorsionFactor. I could not find out where or for what it is used for. Another thing is that I did not use the filled version of this sketch. But it is nice that you have it as an option.

Increased FormResolution to a 100. That makes the triangle a circle.

FormResolution 50 and a starting radius of 200.

In fact this is the same code as the first program. I only changed curveVertex into vertex. This makes that only straight connections are made. As it was mentioned in the Generative Design book and as a comment in the original code itself.

Added HSB colorMode.

Added 4 drawModes. 1 For each color. Hitting the 5, 6, 7 or 8 key changes color. Although the 8 key does not make much of a difference (yet). The lines are also not drawn as nice as before hitting any key.

Increased the color range by 90. Although I see I have made a mistake when drawMode is 1. The color range indicates 0 – 30. But all 4 keys are now giving different colors.

Decreased the color range to 30. The 5, 6, 7 and 8 key still give quite different colors.

It seems that the JavaScript version is running a bit slower if you compare it with the Processing sketch. And this sketch is a good example of the images I made during this session. But than you have to change the code. I was able to make very different variations as you can see in the image examples. This is what I got as an image on a certain moment. You might get something completely different. But I did not safe the code. Next time I will safe all versions of the code.

More of the same.

The next five programs use the Generative Design Library. So I am not able to show what it does on the web. I attached the Processing code though.

Henk Lamers


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