GDV P.1.2.1 Color palettes through interpolation

I will treat this assignment a bit different than the earlier ones. Lets take a look first at what the assignment is all about. Because a color is not defined by a single number but by several values it is necessary to interpolate between these values. Depending on the chosen color model, RGB of HSB, the same color is defined by different values, thereby causing the path from one to another to lead past different colors. In the HSB color model, for instance, a detour is made past the color wheel. This difference is due to the characteristics of the color models, both of which can be useful, depending on the situation. It is important to choose the proper color model to solve a specific problem. This is how the Generative Design book describes it. The original program is here:

After doing some sketches I was trying to change the rectangles into ellipses and triangles and so forth and so on. But I found that it would be a better idea to try to found out what the essence of the program is doing. When looking through the code I found that a HSB color is mainly determined by 360 numbers of hue, 100 numbers of saturation and 100 numbers of brightness. You could eventually add another 100 to that range to use transparency. But when you subtract 60 from 360 you get 300. 300 Minus 60 = 240. 240 Minus 60 is 180. And continuing subtracting leads to 120, 60 and 0. The numbers 300, 240, 180, 120 and 60 will show a cross-section through the HSB color range. So I decided to use those numbers for changing the code a bit. I have put all those experiments and code on one page which you can find here:


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