Interact with Hiroshi Kawano

I have worked with the color function, lerpColor and some very basic interaction with keyTyped. The color data type is used to store the five color values of the artwork (red, black, orange, blue and white). All interaction for all three programs is done by pressing the number keys 1 until 0 on top of the keyboard. Pressing the shift key while typing the numbers give different results. Again I produced a lot of inefficient code because I would like to limit myself. I used a very basic amount of tools to make these images. By the way it seems that only Safari and FireFox support the JavaScript created by Processing. Google Chrome does not support it. But you can download the code of the examples. Try running those in Processing 2.0.

In this first sketch I used just the same colors as were used in Hiroshi Kawano’s original work. You are now able to replace the colors by pressing the number (and shift-number) keys at the top of your keyboard. Be aware that some (shift) number combinations will have less impact than others. And at a certain moment all colors are disappeared so there will be no change at all. When all colors are gone the only thing you can do is hit the reset key. Pressing the ‘r’ or ‘R’ key will reset all the colors to the original state.


In this sketch I used lerpColor to mix two colors. The name ‘lerp’ is a contraction for ‘linear interpolation’. I took the original colors and interpolated them to each other in steps of 0.1. You can see the results of this by pressing the (shift) number keys at the top of the keyboard. For more information about what color is interpolated to which other color check the code. Press the ‘r’ or ‘R’ key to reset the colors.


In this third sketch I used the colors as layers. Each of the 5 colors can be repositioned. So you can create different compositions. You cannot change the position of the individual rectangles. Only the red, black, orange, blue and white layers can be moved. Check out the same (shift) number keys at the top of your keyboard to reposition the layers. The layers increase (or decrease) separately with 20 pixels to the left, the right, up or down. There is no reset key defined.



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