Egg and Art

The assignment for week 3 was to create a game and an interactive piece of ‘Art’. And beside of that you have to use the keyboard. Write at least two custom functions. At least one of the functions should return a value. Use at least two color variables. Use at least two global variables. Use at least one to share information between functions, and at least one to remember information from one frame to the next. Use at least one if statement. Use at least one else clause in an if statement. And don’t use language elements we haven’t covered.

The Game

I don’t like games. At least when you have to play them on a computer. I think they are a waste of time. Some games are also very violent. And because there is already so much violence on our planet I thought maybe its a good idea to design a game which has nothing to do with violence but everything with typing.  My idea to create a game is based on typing text. Typing text against time. You have to be finished with typing text before a certain amount of time is reached. Otherwise (else) all the text you have typed will be erased and you have to start all over again. Use all upper and lowercase character keys to type text. No symbols are allowed. If you type them nothing will be displayed. Use only A-Z and a-z. In order to keep track of the amount of keystrokes that have been made I need a counter. In that way I can say if the counter has reached the right side of the text-line than it has to go to the beginning of the next line. Or when it reaches the last position on the page it has to show you a present. So lets say that after 10 keystrokes you have to go to the next line. As a placeholder I used rectangles.


And what will you type? Well… I don’t know. Text? Yes. But we are not allowed to use fonts. No problem. I design my own font. In fact I have started with that during my week 2 assignment. I only have to extend a few characters. I have 13 of 26 characters so I only have to design 13 more.


Here is the finished font. Had to type this in one go because I did not add the backspace key. I think Juriaan Schröfer would be glad with the outcome of this program.


I Also used the space bar for getting one keystroke. And I made a function which keeps track of the time. I thought 90 seconds would be enough to get 626 characters on the screen. Now if you win what will you get? A present! What could that be:


And what do you get when you lose?


Here’s how the display looks like when you have almost won.


During the review with Andrew Glassner it turned out that a user does not get any feedback. So Andrew proposed a time ruler which tells you if you are running behind or in front of time. And he also proposed a timer that shows the time elapsed.

The Art piece

For the ‘art piece’ I switched the characters for colored gradients. You still can type. But you type gradients. There is no game element in it anymore. The interesting thing is that you can type random away. But another way to use the program is to type something that makes sense. For instance here are some text pages translated with the program from:

Charles T Bourland’s, The Astronaut’s Cookbook

Jamie Oliver’s recipe for Chilli con Carne

A page from The Collins English Dictionary

Sergei Eisenstein’s Panzerkreuzer Potemkin

Frank Zappa’s Joe’s Garage

Michelangelo Antonioni’s Biography

Nan Goldin’s I’ll Be Your Mirror

David Byrne’s How Music works

The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Kahn & Wiener’s The Year 2000

Steven Johnson’s Ghost Map

John Maeda’s Laws of Simplicity

Richard Dawkin’s The Blind Watchmaker

Kurt Schwitters his Ursonate


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